The Chase For #28 Begins!

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Bronx Bombers pic

As the New York Yankees come into the 2016 MLB season, they are fresh off of their Wild Card playoff loss to the Houston Astros. The Bronx Bombers are ready to take revenge on the entire league, make the playoffs for a 2nd year in a row, and make a deep push deep into the playoffs. The Yankees are coming into the season with a few new players, most notably Aroldis Chapman and Starlin Castro.

Chapman, the Ex closer from the Cincinnati Reds is known for his incredible Fastball. His fastball can hit up to 108 mph. He threw 336 pitches that were at least 100 mph in 2015. All of the MLB pitchers combined to throw 225 pitches over 100 mph.

Starlin Castro was the Shortstop for the Chicago Cubs for the first five years of his career. He is now the Second baseman for the Yanks, solidifying a great infield for the Yankees we have not seen since Robbie Cano, Derek Jeter, A-Rod and Mark Teixeira. Castro is already a three time All-Star in the MLB.

After the Yankees had the 2nd most runs (764) in the league last year, they are ready to spike that number up even higher. The projected lineup over the course of the season:

  1. Ellsbury, CF
  2. Gardner, LF
  3. Rodriguez, DH
  4. Teixeira, 1B
  5. McCann, C
  6. Beltran, RF
  7. Headley, 3B
  8. Castro, 2B
  9. Gregorius, SS

This lineup has a great mixture of speed, power, patience, IQ, youth, veteran leadership etc…

After a plethora of injuries to the starting rotation, the Yanks are coming into the season with a hopeful starting 5. Tanaka dealt with an injury a couple years ago, which has messed with his velocity. His speed has decreased every year in the MLB. Sabathia has declined every year for the past handful of years, since being the Ace of the team, helping guide them to a championship in ’09. He has gone from being the ACE, to needing an ACE.

There are also some positives coming into the season for the rotation. Tanaka is finally healthy, hoping to really take the mantle as the ace of the team. Ivan Nova has now had a full off-season to get himself ready after healing from Tommy-John surgery. Luis Severino played extraordinarily well in his rookie season, posting a 5-4 record in 12 starts with a 3.07 ERA.

The projected starting rotation is as follows:

  1. Masahiro Tanaka
  2. Michael Pineda
  3. Nathan Eovaldi
  4. Luis Severino
  5. C.C. Sabathia

The Bullpen is going to be the heart and soul of the Yankees this year. The Yankees will now have an even better chance of winning not just because of the trade for Starlin Castro; however it is the acquisition of Aroldis Chapman.

They will still be with Dellin Betances who averages 13.95 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched, and Andrew Miller who had 100 strikeouts in 61.2 innings pitched, along with 36 saves. Betances will pitch the 7th, Miller the 8th, and Chapman will close it out in the 9th.


I will be posting a blog every week recapping the games, injury updates, trade rumors, and all that good stuff. If you have any recommendations, anything you guys would like me to write about please leave it in the comment section below!

And on that note, hopefully the Yankees will stay healthy, stay strong and positive, and chase #28!



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