What the Funk?!

Am I in an alternate universe, where the Yankees this decade are just this atrocious (unfortunate)? How can a team that looked like it will take the next step from last season’s playoff loss and come back stronger, be doing just the opposite?

Starlin Castro had one hell of a spring training for the Yankees and carried it on into the first couple weeks of the young regular season, and has cooled off since. Alex Rodriguez couldn’t get back to his former self a year ago, but who could be irritated with his performance (I mean, he is 40 years old!)?!

Brian Cashman the General Manager of the Yankees traded for Michael Pineda from the Seattle Mariners, while he was recovering from Tommy John surgery. He is now fully healed, and has no good excuses for the way he is pitching this season. The Yankees expected Pineda, and Luis Severino to make the big jump in the majors and start pitching up to their potential.

Four out of the five pitchers in the starting rotation have a minimum ERA of 4.38, with two of them eclipsing an ERA of 6.00! The only pitcher to have an ERA of less than 4.00 is Masahiro Tanaka, ERA of 2.87, and he hasn’t even been playing well enough to earn that large contract he signed in the winter of 2014. The contract is worth $155 million over a 7 year period, with an opt-out clause after the 2017 season.

Hopefully the Yankees will get out of their funk, and go back to being the Bronx Bombers that we grew up to know and love so dearly. All it will take is a little bit of heart, passion, and just a drop of blood, sweat and tears!

I truly believe the only way to build up the Yankee roster is through the farm system. Currently the Yanks have built up the best farm system they have had probably since the Core 4.

In my next post I will talk about the prospects and how they will contribute for years to come!


One thought on “What the Funk?!

  1. I thought this team had an outside shot at the playoffs this year. So, I’m not surprised they are mediocre at this point. They are working in young players and are rebuilding, but they will never admit that.


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