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Core Four pic

This is the worst start The Yankees have had since 1991, before the Core 4 era. The Yankees have not had any luck this whole season and there is evidence of this theory with the Yankees losing 5 in a row, 3 of those coming against the Red Sox.

In the first game against the Sox they lost 4-2, and then lost 8-0, and the last game lost 8-7. Their pitching was good the first game, hitting was bad. Second game their hitting was nonexistent and pitching maybe even worse. The third game their bats finally came alive, but their pitching was still doomed.

The main problem with the Yankees is not their Starting rotation, or lineup. No need to make changes at this point of the season. The problem is that the Yanks have no consistency. They can win a couple and seem to turn the corner, and instead fall flat on their faces.

There is nothing to be done but light some type of spark under them to turn around their nightmare of a season.

From 1996-2012 there were 92 teams with sub-.400 records. The team with the best record was 11-17! Out of those 92 teams only 6 went on to make the playoffs. That is a deflating stat which normally wouldn’t keep the players going and striving for better, but here’s another thing I left out.

Out of the 6 teams to make the playoffs, guess one of the teams to make the playoffs that same year? If you guessed the Yankees, you are right! In 2007, coming into May they held a record of 9-14. They ended up with a record of 94-68, and took the AL Wild Card into the playoffs.

The Yankees record up until May 1st was 8-14, and with an identical record as 2007, the Yanks can definitely come back from the horrendous start, and make the Postseason for a second straight year.

One important thing is that no matter how deep in the trenches you are, YOU KEEP FIGHTING! That is PINSTRIPE PRIDE and THE YANKEE WAY!


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